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Magic Match Adventures game: Download and Play

Overview | Download | Buy
Magic Match Adventures takes the incredibly addictive Magic Match gameplay and pairs it with a unique simulation where matches help repair the imp villages right before your eyes. Defeat the Dark Wizard and thwart off evil curses to return peace to the imp realm.

Magic Match Adventures features:
  • Explore and save villages.
  • Great new power ups!
  • Travel across a magical realm.
Magic Match Adventures screenshots. Click a screenshot to enlarge:
Magic Match Adventures screenshot
Magic Match Adventures screenshot
Magic Match Adventures screenshot

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Magic Match Adventures is 100% safe to download. You can download Magic Match Adventures for free and try it for 60 minutes to decide whether you like it or not. If you like it, you can purchase Magic Match Adventures instantly and securely online.

Mini-Reviews on Magic Match Adventures Game

Posted on May 16, 2012    
I found the video wonderfull. It is ralely difficult to get in to details about it, because there is just soo much. I'll try anyways )so my experience of the video:The realisation of how we live in different worlds, and how we each have to make our own world beautiful, ressonated deep within me. I felt the truth of it. I also am looking forward to the challenge of being non judgemental, to release myself of all the negativity I subconsciously surround myself with. I ralely loved the little who am I screen that popped up, it was sort of a pay attention -this is important!! wake up call for the mind. Sometimes it is just too easy to be mellow while wathcing videos on the internett -especially if you do it a lot.I actually watched it twice, and it's quite possible that I will watch it a couple of times more.. there was just something.. While watching the video I felt like I was at the verge of remembering something lost.. -you know like the lyrics to a favorite song, but it just kept slipping away. Weird. But in a good way!I'm sure I will remember it when I am ready.Other than that, the video felt like a personal conversation -almost as if I were right there among the chicken and the goats!The only ting left to comment, I think, is the entering experience and WOW this is suuuuch a BEAUTIFUL site. I ralely truly mean that! The colouring, the calligraphy and the position of the photos -how they compliment the background. Well, you can consider that noticed and appreciated.This turned out to be some comment, but hey -you asked for it, so I could hardly leave with out. A simple wonderfull just seemed lazy /Harriet

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